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Dr Mário Cabral is a Brazilian physician who have been working in aesthetic medicine for more than 20 years influencing multiple generations of healthcare professionals around the world.

Active in aesthetic medicine for more than 2 decades, Dr Mario Cabral established an office in the United States to be closer to market novelties, that change daily with new equipment, products and procedures. And from Las Vegas promotes courses to the world.

Dr Cabral has an extensive network around the world, and he’s always close to the hot news of the market. Their courses are always “up to date”, and come with all his years of experience and knowledge, as few offer in this market.

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Dr Mário Cabral

Medical Consulting

Dr Mario Cabral is a Brazilian doctor dedicated to research and teaching of minimally invasive procedures directed toward the practice of aesthetic medicine. With more than 20 years of experience, Dr. Cabral teaches the art, science and techniques of aesthetic procedures for licensed physicians, regardless of medical specialty.

Trained more than 5000 physicians, lives between Brazil and the United States, Latin America and Europe, where already has given several courses, seminars and lectures on congresses.

For more than 13 years he was the Coordinator of Postgraduate Course in Aesthetic Medicine of IAAM/ASIME – International Association of Aesthetic Medicine, breathing 24/7 the more modern concepts on this area, and live surrounded by other teachers, with which maintains intense exchange of knowledge and experience.

Mission to accomplish is to play a teaching role and training to support the balanced responsible and credible growth of the area, always guided by ethics, common sense and honesty.

Through his contacts in the world and knowing the difficulties of all professionals in learning and to be updated, he created this website where all have access to the most diverse topics on aesthetic medicine.

Through in-person courses and online courses accessible to all, will be continuously seeking to raise the standards of know-how and expertise of the healthcare professionals involved. Defends the aesthetic medicine as complementary medicine to conventional medicine as dermatology, plastic surgery and others. In past and future congresses, bring medical research based on evidence, in addition to teach his colleagues the importance of clinical management, with courses in Leadership and Management, with the best professionals.

Currently as a board member of IAAM/ASIME in Brazil, and as Director of the Scientific Brazilian Academy of Aesthetics, fight by an increase of the performance area. Within the United States, aid constantly the growth of the American Board of Aesthetic Medicine, which today is already the second largest society of aesthetic medicine in the US. Heading to the first place.

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Mario Cabral

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